About Curtis

Curtis R. McClinton

Curtis R. McClinton

He is excited about living past his prime and sharing his story of the experience and knowledge he has acquired.  He has been a professional athlete, husband, father, civic leader, public servant, volunteer, active in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and an American Veteran.

He supported, with his own efforts, revitalization of Kansas City; including working to make the streets safe during the riots of the late 1960s. He later worked with Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Fame player, to serve as the National President of the Black Economic Union.  It was later that he became Founder and President of the Kansas City Black Economic Union.

Learning he liked and appreciated public service, Curtis went to Washington, D. C. and served as Deputy Director of The Economic Development Administration (EDA) in The Department of Commerce.  Curtis also served as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development of Washington, D. C.

Curtis McClinton has explored many career paths, interests, and been a strong advocate for education.  Please note his resume and the outline of his varied interests.

Curtis R McClinton’s Resume